My 3-Legged Friend

Best $20 investment ever. I don’t care if you travel with a group or travel alone (I’ve done both).  This 3-legged invention is amazing.  Whether you’re taking selfies or wanting a photo of a group, this little gadget remedies both, plus more.  Thank you Joby, for making this wonderful little tripod.



I don’t have an SLR or some other insanely expensive camera, but I also don’t care for smartphone photos everywhere I travel.  I’ll get into the wonderful characteristics of my awesome camera choice later, but yes… I rely on a point-and-shoot.  Serious photographs can shove it, I like my fire engine red camera!  Anyway…

I take full advantage of the 12 second camera timer on my beloved camera, but I tire of trying to find a flat surface in order to effectively take advantage of that timer.  Then, I discovered Joby.  Over the last year, REI and I have become good friends.  From my hiking backpack to my duffel/roller suitcase/backpack to sleeping bags to other hiking equipment, REI has provided me with ingenious solutions.  Other odd searches on REI educated me on a tripod for point-and-shoot cameras.




I love my camera and refuse to buy an SLR.  That being said, Joby makes a mini tripod for point-and-shoot cameras, known as the GorillaPod.  It screws into your typical point-and-shoot – just turn the little shit upside down, and look for the portal.  Back to Joby… the GorillaPod is adaptable, unlike your traditional tripod.  The fucker wraps around trees, fences, poles… anything!  It has taken my camera timer to all new heights.  This littler bugger has made “selfies” (which I’m not a fan of in the conventional sense) to a much improved level.  While I was never afraid to ask another hiker to take a photo for me, this device takes the questionable aspects of enlisting a complete stranger to take possession of my camera out of the equation.  And… what do you do when NO ONE is around?  Adaptable tripod to the rescue.  Thank you, Joby!!!



2 thoughts on “My 3-Legged Friend

  1. It’s fantastic! I’ve wrapped it around poles, trees, anything… makes setting the camera on an uneven surface easy. I have an Olympus Tough (thankfully), and I no longer have to watch it tumble from the top of a car into a rocky puddle below (Ireland… oops). Completely recommend it!

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