As I explained on another page, I am a workout nut.  Since I can’t always take my Insanity DVDs with me (yes, that’s typically how I stay in shape), I devise other ways to work off the beer, fattening foods (aka. yummy deliciousness), and artery-clogging desserts.  I don’t know the definition of dieting.  I partially blame my diabetic counterpart for my declining diet the last couple of years.  Jerk.  Anyway….

Working out = more chocolate, steak, wine & beer.  Duh.

I have NEVER known the definition of dieting.  I do, however, know the definition of moderation.  Best explanation… do not stuff yourself until you cannot move.  While the 12 oz. steak dinner and molten chocolate 10K dessert might be delicious, you will regret it later if you eat so much that you go into the worst food coma of your life.  Basic moral of the story:  Eat a REASONABLE PORTION of the terrible for your diet food… you’ll get the yummy food without the insanely high calorie content.  Win.

Anyway, those that travel and want to workout during trips, know it can be a challenge in a tiny hotel room without a gym, or without the time to fit in a workout.  While I do have an inhuman amount of workout motivation, the workouts I have devised are all short enough to fit in and intense enough to do the job.  All of the HIIT workouts are body weight only – no weights required!  Currently, all the strength workouts are body-weight only, but I will be compiling gym-style strength workouts in the near future. I am currently researching, and experimenting with, easy-to-carry-on equipment for travel.

HIIT WORKOUTS:  High Intensity Interval Training

My favorite workouts are high intensity interval training. I typically opt for these as opposed to resistance or strength training. Unless I am injured… like tearing a ligament in my ankle while in Africa! The documents below detail my hotel room based workouts, including times, reps and circuits.


Strength training can be difficult in hotels without gyms. I have devised strength-based workouts that are entirely body-weight exercises. I have walked (and shuffled due to soreness) away from these workouts sore for days. They take a bit more time than my HIIT workouts, so extra time needs to be set aside.

After 5.4 miles of hiking one day, Mama Rubes and the dude decided to play cards.  I decided I hadn’t done enough of an arm or core workout today.  During the entire game, I planked across the two queen beds while I awaited my turn to play.  When the cards were being shuffled for the next hand, I did V Push-Ups (at least 40 each break).  My stomach is still sore – proof planking is a great core exercise!



Biking is a great option while traveling.  It’s typically easy to rent bikes, and offers a phenomenal way to see cities all while getting exercise.  It’s easier on the joints as well!


Remaining fit is not just about workouts and lifting. Diet plays a pivotal road. Diet alone does not provide our bodies with enough nutrients and whole foods. Supplements bridge that gap and help where food falls short. I’ve tried a lot of different protein powders, bars, and nutritional supplements, but until I discovered the wonders of 1st Phorm, I had no idea what I was doing. Or what I was consuming. The deciding factor that I could see and feel the difference, and this is a company I can stick with. These are the highest quality products I have ever used. I mix Collogen with my hot, morning beverage… my hair actually feels thicker! The post-workout products (Phormula-1 & Ignition) taste great, work great, and mix perfectly with a little water. With 1st Phorm, I have learned so much about supplementation, to include when to utilize them and what you use.

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