Lovely Ljubljana

I am currently sitting on an Adria Airlines flight from Ljubljana bound for Paris with a lavender and neon green dragon overseeing my process.  The cute little dragon is a gift for my niece, Allie.  Next to me sits my NOW husband, whom I swear is oftentimes the age of a child, as he scarfs … More Lovely Ljubljana

Importance of a Compatible Travel Partner

I’ve traveled in all manners I can think of – alone, in a group, with friends, with family members, with a significant other, and with coworkers.  Each offers its own challenges and benefits.  However, traveling with someone who does not have the same habits as you, not to mention goals and desires while traveling, can ruin a trip. … More Importance of a Compatible Travel Partner

My 3-Legged Friend

Best $20 investment ever. I don’t care if you travel with a group or travel alone (I’ve done both).  This 3-legged invention is amazing.  Whether you’re taking selfies or wanting a photo of a group, this little gadget remedies both, plus more.  Thank you Joby, for making this wonderful little tripod. I don’t have an … More My 3-Legged Friend