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“Life should not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly worn out and screaming, “WOOHOO, what a ride!!!”

So one of the purposes of this blog is identified by the name – Redefined Timeline, and also as a personal chronicle of my travels.  A little background…

I’m Whitney… I started my 20s studying abroad for 3 months at Oxford University in England.  Upon returning, I swore to continue traveling as much as possible.  However, life got in the way. I always felt as though I wasted my 20s, not accomplishing as much as I would have liked, nor traveling hardly anywhere.  In my mid 20s, I moved to the Washington, DC area, bounced through unrewarding government contracting jobs, and got married (just like society said I should).  A year into the marriage, I found a job I love.  Everything is great now, right?  I should start popping out mini-me’s, buy a big house in the ‘burbs, and life is complete.  Except… I’m atypical (that’s a nice word for weird).  Anyway, I never wanted children or the stereotypical “American Dream” to be my life.  I want to see and experience everything I possibly can.   Be it a “bar” marked with a plastic bag to drink “beer” (aka. unknown foamy, yellow liquid that I’ll take your word for it is consumable) out of a communal cup in the Andes Mountains to blindly walking through a rainforest while the guide screams at us to “not touch anything!!!” for fear of death. I want to camp, hike, train, fly, bike and explore anywhere my desires take me. All while not being a slave to my job.

Thus my Redefined Timeline… I vow to take full advantage of what the world has to offer, and do as many off-the-wall things as I can manage.

I broke away from my less-than-satisfying former life.  So now to restart life in my 30s… Proof anyone with a challenging, full-time job can travel on a budget (or budget-esk).  I’m not cool enough to drop everything and travel the world for a couple years.  Though, the idea definitely crossed my mind.  On that note, I found a bucket list of an astronomical number of items.  I altered it a lot, but intend on crossing off as many as possible.

To go along with my travel hungry nature, I am a fitness junkie, but don’t get that confused with health nut.  I have made it my goal NOT to sacrifice my love of tasty food in order to remain in good shape.  I am a self-proclaimed fat kid at heart.  Oh yes, I will eat whatever I damn well please (in moderation because… well… let’s be honest… I’m not 22 anymore). I just know I’ll have to devise some creative way to work the extras off! Besides, who wants to refrain from eating something scrumptious that your stomach is telling you to devour?  That being said, I also loathe running.  In order to maintain my physique, especially while traveling, I get a little inventive.  I will be including some of the travel-ready workouts.

Last, but definitely not least, I am the mom of a rescued pit bull.  Her name was chosen for multiple reasons… she’s a pittie, so her little body is stout, and she’s blackish brown in color.  Plus, I love beer.  Any guesses?  My nutty pup is lovingly named Guinness.  She makes appearances, but unfortunately, can’t tag along on all of my travels. She’d have a nervous breakdown if she was ever crammed in tiny crate in the bowels of a plane.

I have managed to best sum up my new life in Redefining Life: The Last 3 Years.

One little update since I originally wrote this, and also wrote the Last Three Years post… I am officially remarried!  I managed to find another person on this planet as crazy as me (okay fine, not AS crazy, but close enough).  Just a couple of DINKs (Dual Income No Kids… for those that don’t know that one) and a dog. Our whirlwind wedding in Bled, Slovenia… Hitched!!!

Whitney_and_Chris_Wedding_Bled_Jost_Gantar (278)
The “holy shit, we’re married” cheers!

“Most people live life on a path set for them.  Too afraid to explore any other.  But once in a while someone comes along and knocks down all the obstacles put in their way. Someone who realizes free will is a gift, that they will never know how to use it until it is fought for.”