Redefined Timeline

Nothing to Lose & a World to See



FACES Hi, I’m Whitney.  And I restarted life in my 30s… I redefined priorities, learned to travel on a budget with a full-time job, and dedicated tons of time to fitness. 

Welcome to my nutty, little life.




Hello Friends… Proof I will chat with anyone.  Including these cud-chewing bovines I met on the side of a rural road in Ireland.


October-November 2019 – Kenya & Tanzania & Zanzibar & Dubai… AWESOME and in the process of writing

March 2020 – Jamaica:  HONEYMOON (Finally)

April 2020 – Bovec, Slovenia extended stay:  Hiking

April 2020 – Pula & Zagreb, Croatia

September 2020 – Southeast Asia:  Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam (tentative)

Sometime 2021 – Iceland & Northern Ireland

Sometime in the next 2 years:  Norway

If you have any suggestions on trips, whether short or long, shoot me a message!  Suggestions welcomed.