Police Week 2016


What happens when a bunch of cops get together with live music and a lot of beer?  Shenanigans.  Lots and lots of shenanigans.

My counterpart learned, yet again, that I will talk to just about anyone.  That was lesson one for the day.  Lesson two was let the chick deal with the bartender – it takes a lot less time to get drinks that way.  Anyway, while I was standing behind him as he failed miserably at obtaining beer, a gentleman that later became affectionately known to us as Leppard (multiple adorable leopard images included), asked why in hell the dude was trying to get drinks, and not letting me do the honors.  He also knew it would be far more successful if I waved down the bar bitch.  Alas, I acknowledged I had already brought that point up to my counterpart to no avail.  Eventually, we got drinks, departed the bar, probably never to see Leppard and his scrawny little friend again.

Or so we thought.

Decently, buzzed from beer intake and happily surrounded by our blue family, I managed to spot Leppard again as he was perusing a vender’s booth.  I immediately grabbed him, decided we had to be friends forever, and the new menage e trios was formed.

Songs were sung, beers were consumed, and good times were had by all.  Evidenced by the photos below…

Basically, Police Week is honoring the law enforcement community with officers from around the world converging on DC the week of May 15th to celebrate.  Multiple events take place, from a 5K to a candle light vigil.  And new friendships are forged.

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