Dominican Republic – November 2015

Little Rubes needed to get away for a few days.  On short notice, where can one go to get away???  The Dominican Republic!  Courtesy of, the planets aligned, and cheap flights combined with all-inclusive resorts, and I found a five-day getaway to the DR.  Goodbye cold, November Virginia weather, I shall not miss you.  Hello, sun and sand and 85 degree breezes.

While the DR does not include any awe-inspiring, crazy, or interesting activities, it instead offers pina coladas and reading on the beach.  Once in awhile, a break like that is required.

Moral of the Story with this trip:  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR…. this was not my first all-inclusive trip.  A few years prior I visited Isla Mujeres in Mexico – that resort rocked!  But was far more expensive.  This resort left much lacking, but was much cheaper.  The restaurants closed early, the wait staff was horrid, and the food was barely palatable.  Until the tapas restaurant was discovered.  Enter pork spare ribs to save the day!   We returned there for every dinner after.

Two things happen when you’re vacationing with a gregarious, impetuous, and silly counterpart… you will learn to talk to everyone, and ridiculous things will happen.  On that note, I procured a bottle of wine from the waiter (strictly forbidden).   After consuming said bottle of red deliciousness, we concocted a message, which was obviously placed inside said bottle.  Then the bottle was ceremoniously launched into the dark ocean.  Yes, I am a dork.  But hey!  Bucket list item down… leave a message in a bottle.  Boom.

Thanks for the quote, Dr. Seuss!

Departing the DR was an interesting endeavor.  Cabs… can lead to to some special stories in the States.  Our cab driver, however, took aggressive driving to an entirely new level.  While I tend to dislike getting stuck behind slow-moving mopeds, I do not try to run them down.  Additionally, I avoid running red lights by utilizing the shoulder to go around the vehicles obeying the bright, red light that means STOP.  Getting T-boned is not on my list of things to accomplish in life.  Alas, we made it safely to the airport.  No tip for you, Mr. Crazy Cabbie.  Even we were appalled by that ride.  No wonder you need an extinguisher in your vehicle…

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