Guinness Goes to Portsmouth, New Hampshire

While we didn’t stay overnight in New Hampshire, we did make several pit stops. Unfortunately, this excursion landed when COVID was making a comeback in January, so places were a little more restrictive, or just plain closed. The recent snowstorm didn’t help things, since half the roads weren’t readily passable and parking was highly challenging for a large truck since snowbanks reigned supreme. At least the sun was shining while we were there! Anyway, our short jaunt through New Hampshire resulted in some very tasty food, for us and our four-legged fur child.

Canine Cupboard specializes in gourmet dog treats, carries dog toys galore, a multitude of puppy collars and leashes, beds for pooches, fido accessories and more. We took full advantage of the gourmet goodies for Guinness… unbeknownst to her, we walked out of there with a doggie cannoli and donuts. I’m not one to replace my pup’s collar as the season dictates, so we replaced Guinness’s Thin Blue Line collar with an Elf collar. Yes, she will wear that sucker year round. Also, the owner of the Canine Cupboard is a delightful fellow that loves to spoil any four-legged creatures that wander into his store. Guinness approved!!!

The Works Cafe was necessary for Hubs and I to obtain sustenance that afternoon. After walking Guinness around town, including meandering through the pup store for her, we found ourselves famished after the drive up. A few restaurants were open for regular business, but would not allow four-legged people unless the outdoor areas were accessible. Given that the temperatures were in the 20s, sitting outside to “enjoy” a meal was out of the question. The Works Cafe allowed me to order online and pick up in eatery. Winner winner! After deciphering the pick up process in store, I wandered back to Hubs in the truck with out sandwiches and paninis. They were quite delicious!

Sanders Fish Market lies on the outskirts of Portsmouth, and boasts fresh fish and fixings. Things we fully intended to savor while visiting coastal towns. I picked up a few fresh pieces of fish for the Hubs and I, and who am I kidding… of course Guinness got some treats, too. Next door is South Street & Vine – they sell wine and the fixings for a good tasting. I passed up the crackers and whatnot, but I partook of a bottle of classy red wine.

And that’s about it for New Hampshire. We bought some shit for us and the dog, which we ferried over to Maine to enjoy.

That was probably one of the shortest posts I’ve ever devised, but that’s really all I have for New Hampshire right now. Pretty state, lots to see and do, and gorgeous coastline. Even in the winter.

Now on to Maine! And what turned out to be our favorite stay this trip.

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