Hot damn, this place is flat!


I can now mark Oklahoma off my list of states visited.  My other half is HALF from the extremely flat state known as Oklahoma.  Yukon, to be exact.  We flew into OK City, with a windy and bumpy departure from the sky.  His hospitable cousin, Chip, oh so nicely picked us up from the airport, and allowed us to stay at he and his wife, Marty’s house the first night.  The three of us stood around chatting in Chip’s kitchen for quite some time once we arrived at his house.  It was a good introduction to his family!

Much of his family still lives in Oklahoma.  Though Chip’s house felt more like being in Texas, as did driving his borrowed Jeep, since everything was adorned with UT paraphernalia.  One of my favorite new pastimes… calling Oklahoma “basically Texas” to the other half.  Boy, does that rile him up!  He partially brought it on himself… he was wearing their colors!


Day One included a cold tour of the flat state… a drive from Mustang (that just sounds Texan) to Yukon to El Reno.  I saw his childhood home, the itty bitty town his first years began in, and a trip to Braum’s.  Braum’s, known for its dairy products, provided us a fried lunch before my next first.  Another thing I can now mark off my bucket list… driving Route 66.


The entire trip was plagued by cold.  When the vehicle temperature reads 12 degrees, stepping outside the car is less than appealing.  The snow that fell one night just blew across the roads, barely sticking to anything, the ground was so cold.


Prior to heading out there, he got in touch with his childhood friend, Michael, informing him he was coming to visit with his girlfriend.  That lead to Michael’s reaction, ‘Wow, we need to talk more…’ since last he knew, my other half was still unhappily married.  A trip to Bethany, allowed them to catch up, filled our bellies with some delicious homemade Indian food, and a long game of Uno.

I was told puzzles would be on the agenda while staying with his Aunt.  That was no exaggeration, and not at all bad news to me.  We managed three puzzles at his aunt’s house during the trip – pretty impressive I’d say.  Bubbles, the cat, supervised.



Some memorable quotes from the trip……..

“We made it here early, so we’re in the penalty box.  Our gate is occupied.”

“Okay… there’s nothin’ in there but your balls.”

“Millenials look more feminine than you, so you actually look masculine by comparison now!”  “Boom.”

“They need to know they’re losers.”

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