When You Stupidly Adopt a Puppy the Day You Get Back from a Trip…

The months prior, the Hubs continually browsed the available dogs on animal welfare’s website. He would regularly comment on the cuteness of several, which would prompt me to also peruse the four-legged beasts. I would constantly comment on the fact that we currently own a crotchety, stubborn, geriatric 13-year old pittie that does NOT get along with other dogs. To put it plainly, she’s a bitch. We had also discussed ad nauseam that we should hold off on getting another dog until Guinness is no longer with us. While I dread that day ever coming, I know it’s coming and I’ll cry like a baby for days when it does (all you other pet owners can relate). We made the pact not to get another dog until post-retirement (which is approaching much sooner than most people think). We travel as much as possible, and that has made having a dog at all a bit of a pain, let alone, two! Finding dog sitters for one to three weeks at a time can be challenging.

While Hubs browsed ALL the available dogs, I kept returning to one in particular that had been awkwardly named Reggie. I can’t say I’m a fan of people names for dogs. Duh, I named my last one after beer! Anyway, the goofy-eared pittie I kept re-returning to was adorable.

While we were in Costa Rica last month, the Hubs posed a proposition… we contact animal welfare and the foster mom for “Reggie.” If he was still available upon our return from Panama, we would set up and introduction for he and Guinness. IF she got along with him, we’d adopt him. What is wrong with me?!?! Why do I agree with such awful ideas? Probably because I assumed Guinness would NOT get along with him and solve the conundrum for me.

The new pup, a white, hazel-eyed, fully DEAF pit bull that’s about 1 year and 4 months old, is absolutely darling. That is his one saving grace right now as we desperately try to house train the little fucker (we currently average two accidents in the house A DAY). Animal Welfare did us dirty, and said he was “basically house trained.” You lying jerks. This mutt is not even remotely house trained!!! In fact, he cannot even go more than an hour without having to go outside! This does not work when both owners work the same ten hour shift five days at a time. The Hubs and I have made the conscious decision to not have children, and yet, here I find myself researching and trying out doggie daycares. What the hell?!?! Chasing this nut around the house while he chews on the dishwasher, us, Guinness, the trash can, door frames (you get the point) is the reason I have yet to write a single post about our last two international trips.

Three-ish weeks post-adoption day, we are up to a whopping five days accident free. Don’t take that to mean five days in a row. That would be far too much forward progress. That’s five days randomly strewn throughout the almost month we’ve had him. Dude… you’re so freaking cute, that’s about the only reason we haven’t given you back yet.

Should he be YETI or MOONSHINE??? He’s almost entirely white, except for some brown spots on his rear and tail. He’s completely deaf. He moves about like a drunk, dragging his feet and running into everything. At times he can be a little monster. He snores like a champ. He plays with his teeth. And obviously, he’s absolutely adorable. As anyone that knows me is aware, my other pittie is named Guinness, so there is a booze theme going on. So torn between both names! Not that he’ll ever know what his name is.

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  1. We adopted 2 cats two days after we got back from England last December, so I know how you feel. (And I had lots of days of “What was I thinking?”) He’s just darling. I personally like Yeti, if you’re asking…

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