Travel Stresses… A Delirious & Dejected Rant in the Middle of the Night after Two Hours of Sleep in the Last 48 Hours

So it’s 0343 EST…. I’m standing my kitchen unable to sleep while my husband blissfully snores away in the bedroom. We are slated to fly to Ecuador for two weeks for a much needed vacation in less than six hours. We suffered through THREE different Covid tests… trying not to sneeze while a random person stuck a swab up our noses and swirled it around for a bit. We splurged on a GoPro HERO9, rushing to order it so it would get here just in the nick of time. All so we could film all the amazing animals we were bound to see snorkeling around the Galapagos Islands. We’re completely packed, and our nutty pit bull is happily cheating on us with the neighbors down the street. Our mail has been halted, our bills are (mostly) paid, and travel alerts have been placed on all our credit cards. We have been vaccinated, and even boosted! We are ready to go, dammit!!!

I have my boarding pass… it’s snickering at me from my gmail inbox while I stand here frowning at the error message on the patient portal website, which is letting me know the site is currently unreachable. Still no emailed test results, and now I can’t even calm my anxiety by incessantly checking for the outcome online? Unacceptable.

This Ecuador and Galapagos trip was concocted after our Antartica journey was canceled because of this god forbidden virus. The country, and islands, were open for those that got stabbed with vaccine-filled needle. We made it through three weeks traipsing around Eastern Europe before most of the world had even had one dose! That time we only got two tests done, but nonetheless, both were a success! With less than two hours before we need to depart for the airport, my hopes are mostly dashed. The website is still down, there are still no results in my inbox, and the customer support person for the patient portal has ceased to respond for awhile.

Adios, dreams of roaming Ecuador…. maybe next time.

UPDATE: Made it to Ecuador!!! Covid test results came in at 0452… just 4 short hours prior to our flight! Next posts: Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands!

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