Jaunt Through the Maldives (Pt. 3): Thinadhoo

Our final island of the trip was the smallest… Thinadhoo. This was the diminutive island of the three, and one that sustains almost entirely off of tourism. Probably my favorite island, as well… It was petite, quiet, had a PHENOMENAL resort, an AMAZING bikini beach, and wonderful accommodations. On to the resort that was our home for a few days…

I take that back… ENROUTE to our three day home, we stopped for a bit more snorkeling. This time, amongst the wreckage of a ship. I’d seen photos of the site on Beach Life Tours online, and it looked fantastic. The fishing boat had run aground, and the hull was jutting above the drifting tide.

But alas, this time the site was obscured by another boat that had unfortunately tied up to the wreckage itself, instead of anchoring a short distance away, allowing others to enjoy snorkeling without obnoxious, drunk boat goers just feet away. Jerks. Their boat was also an obstacle as we swam around the derelict craft. With the waves from the incoming storm, we had to make sure we did not run into the floating barge.

Athif meandering around the ship wreck
Flips off the top of the boat!

On to Plumeria Resort & Spa… we pulled into their tiny port, bounced off the concrete stairs a few times, before getting pulled alongside the docking area. We fetched the few belongings that were left on our speedboat (Athif and company had delivered our larger bags to the hotel prior to our arrival), and strolled the short distance to our hotel. Plumeria checked all the boxes… the resort had not only a spa, but a much larger restaurant, a gym, rentable snorkeling gear, and a top notch tawdry beach.

Plumeria appeared to be the only hotel on the entire island. There were small shops and personally owned homes, but there did not appear to be any other sort of accommodation around. Thinadhoo had the least amount of construction, but buildings were obviously undergoing some improvements around the small island. It was thoroughly relaxing and very quiet. I do believe I had THREE favorite things about this glorious island… the gym, the pagan beach, and the food. Anyway… a few photos of this gorgeous island:

The Gym… Yes, there was a gym. I may have been a bit ecstatic. Prior to traveling to the Maldives, I had somehow managed to give myself tendonitis in my right wrist, thus stopping my normal workout routine. I spent the duration of this trip with my wrist wrapped in a neon green wrap, or else a stabilizing black brace. My stubbornness kept me from acquiring tan lines, as I took the damned, annoying brace off before partaking of some glorious sunshine!

Icing the wrist with a haphazard napkin full of ice given to me by the staff… prettiest bag of ice ever

Anyway, back to the gym. It consisted of an full set up of free weights, weight machines and cardio machines. The workout nut in me was elated. With my injured wrist still wrapped, I was limited on the exercises I could successfully accomplish without screaming out in pain. I managed! Downside to this gym… the AC was atrocious and barely worked. Temperatures in the Maldives are already hot as Hades, so a busted air conditioning made it quite toasty in the room meant to work up a sweat.

The infidel beach on Thinadhoo was secluded at one end of the island. There were a couple dozen beach loungers scattered the entire length of it, including a shade canopy for each pair. No buildings were visible directly behind us, leaving the beach view either beautiful ocean with another island across the way or green, tropical trees.

Most of this island was surrounded by a reef, making the water lapping up against the shore calm and relaxing. It made for the ideal spot to sit and read all afternoon while basking in the hot sun. Once again, hermit crabs were very abundant.

Hermit Crabbies!!!

This heathen beach had a very polite warning displayed upon entering the secluded beach, requesting we obey their laws.

Complete with a cute, childlike sketch of the island.

Given that most of this island was encircled by a reef, it made for some great, easily accessible snorkeling. After renting snorkeling gear from the friendly, staff at the hotel, we collected our towels, gear and sun screen before going on the short trek to the barbarian beach. We were advised we have to take the channels from the beach to get out to the open water for snorkeling. We donned our fins and masks, bound for the reef. Alas, finding the aforementioned channels was easier said than done. The overhead view of Thinadhoo makes it looks simple.

Our lone footprints trailing along the pristine beach
Clear blue waters abound

Our nightly form of entertainment after a day of soaking up the sun, snorkeling, and eating from the buffet until we were waddling was playing cards in our cozy room. This hotel was definitely more guest centered, and even provided soft, white bath robes. Given that Hubs and I generally keep hotel rooms frigidly cold, they were a nice touch! We donned robs, made hot tea, and played cards (typically, Rummy).

Alas, all good things have to come to an end. Plump, tan (some peeling), and thoroughly relaxed, we hopped aboard our final speedboat… this time bound for the airport with goodbyes.

Our final dinner together (Left to right: Me, Gabby, Kevin, Shaina, Liam and Claire)

Well… sort of. As a chunk of us did not fly out until later in the evening, at Brad’s insistence, we hopped over to a hotel that did, in fact, sell adult beverages. Emma and I split a bottle of wine (or two), while our other halves partook of some heavy-handed mixed drinks.

One final sunset from paradise

OH!!! I almost forgot the handstands… since there are A LOT.

When spontaneity prevails, it can end up with you and your significant other spending a few days exploring a random country in the Middle East (certainly one place I never expect to say I had traveled to!)… QATAR.

Back up in the air!

Bon voyage, Maldives… with your sparkling, azul waters, beautiful beaches, and friendly people who cook delicious food. I won’t hesitate to return!

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