Marlins vs. Braves – Who’s team sucks more?

September 2015 we traveled to Miami, FL to watch the Braves battle the Marlins.  We are both fully aware our teams are terrible… he’s a Marlins fan, I’ve been a Braves fan since growing up in Atlanta.  The Marlins last won the World Series in 2003… my lousy Braves haven’t won since 1995.  Some of … More Marlins vs. Braves – Who’s team sucks more?

Hello New York!!!

Hello New York! New York City, NY – Touring the city with an old friend. Even though I had to take a frigidly cold shower one day, didn’t have any running water the next, and temperatures were less and ideal, I still had a blast! I even strolled through Harlem with my shampoo and a … More Hello New York!!!